Black River Group 5.0


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The Black River Group is a private military contractor. You are also the smallest fighting force in the area. Your main concern is for the welfare of your brothers and the mission of the corporation. You are expected to stay out of local politics and anything that will jeopardize the company’s regional standing.

Propagandist rumors have been circulating regarding the financial viability of the Black River Group. We would like to assure all employees/shareholders that any resource reduction is a result of our regular audit; the rumors are false.


brg-banner-2Black River Group Mission Statement
Provide world-class protective services to all company clients.

1. Safeguard assets, particularly high-value nuclear ones.
2. Find a foothold in local markets.
3. Seek out new contract work.

Everyone will now have a role. Link to the role/MOS page here.

buffaloWeapon Requirements
As an employee of the Black River Group, you provide your own weapon. As such, we do not specify which weapon you may have–though we do recommend painting your gun to fit your operating environment. All employees are expected to have at least one 350 FPS (max) gun, regardless of which MOS you are seeking. If you bring more weapons than you desire to carry on your person at any given time, please bring a padlock (specs on that below) so you can lock any extra rifles (lockable gun racks provided).

Uniform requirements
Please refer to the equipment checklist for required camping gear.

Uniform requirements for the Black River Group will remain unchanged. Listed below.

-Black t-shirt, polo, or soft shell top.
-Tan/coyote/khaki chest rig or plate carrier.
-Khaki/tan pants.
-Tan or black forced entry, jungle, or hiking boots. SF-style Merrell, Asolo or similar hiking boots are okay, too.
-ANSI rated eyewear.

-Tan or black pack or ruck sack.
-Tan or black helmet.
-GoPro or other recording device.
-Padlock with two keys (if you want to lock your belongings).

-The above loadout, but flipped (i.e, tan shirt and black plate carrier).
-Consumer boots or tennis shoes.
Any digital or legacy camo pattern. Those include but are not limited to DPM, woodland, tri-color desert, Flecktarn, Wustentarn, MARPAT, desert digital, ACU, AOR1/AOR2, A-Tacs AU/FG, etc.

Below are a few approved loadout examples: