This will be a full 24 hour event. The clock won’t start until the last person leaves the parking lot.

While much of last year’s foundational gameplay will remain unaltered, an effort has been made to simplify things and decentralize gameplay. That should mean slightly more autonomy for leadership, a few less objectives, and (hopefully) more free-marketing in the village. Team camps will also be less relevant than ever (part of motivation for pausing air strikes) which gives players more freedom to roam the map. As always, progress is never scripted. Each objective will again be tracked and monetized, similar to last year.


drug-pile-25th Column
You currently operate two labs. You need to 1. keep the location of these labs secret 2. protect them against attackers and 3. help with distribution. 500 kilo batches were just cooked at each location. They need to be weighed, packed and fenced.
WEIGH: Scales provided. Weigh out exactly 1 kilogram of product. Don’t get any on the floor. Wholesalers now weigh each brick that they buy.
PACK: Bags and tape will likely be near the bulk product. Scoop/weigh into bags, then tape generously. MAKE SURE THERE ARE NO IMPURITIES–YOU HAVE VERY FICKLE BUYERS THAT DON’T WANT TO PAY FOR LEAVES, TWIGS, ETC.
DISTRIBUTE: Wholesalers are located in the village. So is APD, CIA, BRG and Coalition.

1. The CIA has a presence in the village. They’re currently tracking wholesalers. Once identified, you’ll be conducting raids. 2. Find and seize drug labs. After a successful seizure, you’ll need to hold the area until a HAZMAT team can be flown in. Dust labs have a lot of nasty chemicals; please do not demo them. Your leadership will also instruct you on hiring a drone pilot in the village for an extra advantage.

Be guerrillas
; ambush Dust convoys.

Black River Group
Disrupt the Dust supply chain, then grab as much product as you can. Village wholesalers may not give you top dollar due to their franchise allegiances–it’ll be better than nothing, though.


NUKE-PROP-003Black River Group has found a buyer, which means Coalition and 5th Column have 24 hours to grab the bomb before it disappears. Actually, it could be a lot less than 24 hours–only BRG knows the exact time. And they don’t even have to move it; their buyer has already arranged a taxi. By any means necessary, Karume’s clan and Coalition need to find and steal (back) that nuke.


money-bagRhodesia’s Drug Elimination Bureau just successfully lobbied to have the US Dollar deemed “illegal” due to its popularity in the Dust market. That makes Rhodesia the only country in the world where transacting in greenbacks is illegal. There still exists an amnesty loophole for banks; the currency can not longer be confiscated once it’s made its way through the doors of a financial institution. Details:

-Banks are allowed to accept US dollars, which are then converted into your (more usable) local currency.
-There’s a 24 hour wait period on all dollar deposits and conversions.
-Banks are only allowed to accept $100,000 USD/account/hour.
-Exchange rate is currently 1 billion Rhodesian Dollars to 1 US Dollar.
-Outside of a bank, APD and Coalition can legally “confiscate” US Dollars from any party and “deposit” them into their own accounts as evidence. By that same token, so too can the 5th Column and BRG.

Each team has an interest in finding a bunch of Benjamins: the Coalition needs both the money and proof of a red hot Dust market, BRG and 5th need funding for future operations. Regardless of team, all “laundry” objectives end with a deposit. Compete with the other teams for the most (pending) dollar deposits.

SIDE NOTE: some well-to-do villagers are willing to trade currencies–don’t expect anyone to do it for free, though. Money markets are switching Rhodesian for US dollars at one US to 1 billion (or “one bill”) Rhodesian. On the street, exchange rates are running as high as 3 USD to 1 bill (or worse).


MOLE-PHOTOAll three teams have some objectives that cannot be publicized due to their sensitive nature. They will be assigned in-game.


EVIDENCE Collect photographic evidence of area activity, hopefully motivating congress to further fund your shoestring Rhodesian operation.



bank-program-3The bank used to be located in the Cantina–they move every few months though, so you’ll have to ask around. All transactions will now be conducted using their computer. To open an account, you just need a name and a PIN. It is advised that squad and/or fire team leaders do all the banking for their group to control crowds. The following services are offered:

1. RD deposits.
2. USD deposits (separate money market account, 24 hr hold required. See a banker for details.)
3. Check cashing.
4. Wire transfers. Now anyone can transfer money to anyone else without using cash!
5. Safety deposit box (fees may apply).


dust-scale-2As Dust hubs go, Amadi is pretty big. Everyone seems to have some skin in the game, which also makes wholesalers abundant. But recent turf battles have forced them to be a little more selective with supply; most now only deal with a single franchise to avoid drama (and body holes). They are also very discerning; most wholesalers don’t like product that weighs in wrong (1015-1030 grams per brick, including packaging), is discolored or hasn’t been filtered. If you’re a producer, make note.

All transactions need to take place outside of the public eye. APD is the most obvious lurker, but they don’t appear to be the only one.


droneAn enterprising villager witnessed the failure of the Coalition/BRG drone programs last year and saw an opportunity. He now sells his piloting services to any interested party. While his operation is far less ambitious, reliability doesn’t seem to be a problem. His capabilities include

1. Hi def photos, controlled by client through FPV monitor.
2. Hi def aerial video, controlled by client through FPV monitor.
3. Flight radius of over 1 kilometer.
4. Flight times of up to 23 mins.

He operates from the top of the Cantina. If winds are too strong, there is lightning, rain or it is too dark, he cannot fly.


amadi-nights-8High quality ammunition, fedora, soccer jersey, anti-tank ammunition, pistols and other merchandise can all be found at the Rhode-Easy-Arms. Depending on supply, he also sells syringes, tourniquets and even hemostats from time to time.

In addition, the owner offers currency trade (for a small fee of at least 100%), intel and possibly escort services. If you’ve never met him, you should.


cantinaAmadi’s centerpiece has always been its Cantina, an edifice revered for its ability to distribute liquid courage and greasy food, as well as a sanctuary for hitmen, drug dealers, mafiosos, con artists, mercenaries and a few goat herders.

If you’re looking for something to do, need to swap out some greenbacks or want to find a buyer for your services, the Cantina is a good place to start.


casinoThe name says it all.


red-cross A small Red Cross triage station is offering free tourniquet refills to anyone that is willing to watch a short video from their platinum-level corporate sponsor, DePhizer Pharmaceutical. To qualify, you need to watch the entire video, even if you’ve already seen it. Once finished, they’ll be happy to resupply you.

The station is only active while their flag is flying. If conditions become unsafe, volunteers will lower the flag and stop resupplying.


jailMost honest work in Amadi requires you to commit at least one capital offense. Most profitable work requires you to commit several. If you find yourself in the clink, don’t panic; facilities are in such demand that even murderers find themselves locked up for no more than a half hour. The most commonly broken law is weapon-related: you may have a sidearm for protection and hunting but all rifles must remain unloaded inside Amadi city limits. The following offenses may land you in jail:

-Weapons violation (mag in gun)
-Drug trafficking (less than 10 kilos)
-Drug trafficking (greater than 10 kilos)
-Illegal currency possession
-Drug possession
-Public impoliteness
-Wreckless walking


bullets-2Details on APD protocol have been sent to APD leadership.