Gear Checklist

While in Rhodesia you will need some essentials to make your stay a degree above painful. Some of these items may look excessive but our first priority is safe fun. We also recommend field testing your gun long in advance of the game so that you know how to keep it running for 24 hours.


x3 Gallons of water minimum (please no tiny water bottles. Too much trash.)
x1 Mess kit.
x1 Knife or multitool.
x1 Basic first aid kit – outfit with treatments for blisters, minor cuts, and sprains.
x1 Sleep items (Sleeping bag, cot, hammock ect.)
x1 Flashlight.
x2 Pairs of socks.
Food rations for 24 hours. Think backpacking.

x2 Eye protection – ANSI rated.
x2 Glow stick or chem light style beacon (Blue – Coalition, Red – 5th column, Green – BRG).
x1 Red dead rag.
x1 Team uniform and required gear + one warm layer (soft shell or fleece, etc.)

x1 Primary AEG (CQB or class-qualified).
x1 CQB weapon (GBB pistol, shotgun, springer pistol, or AEG firing no higher than 350 FPS with .20g bb.)
– If your CQB weapon is a GBB, bring gas; gas is not provided.
x5 Mid-cap magazines – this is the minimum. More mags = better. CONFIRM THAT ALL MAGS FEED BEFORE YOU SHOW UP!
– If you are bringing a support weapon at least one box mag and one back up hi-cap mag.
x1 Speed loader – this is the minimum, you can never have too many speed loaders.
x1 Spare AEG battery – you can never have too many batteries.
x1 AEG battery charger.
x2 Bags of BIO/Tracer ammo.
x1 Gun/mag cleaning kit (The Sandbox is dusty and 24 hours is a long operation.)
x1 Flashlight, tracer unit or HUTU for night operations for all CQB-rated AEGs.
GBB, shotguns, and springer pistols are exempt from this. Only AEGs that meet the CQB requirements need this item.
– Support weapons are required to use a flashlight

Optional items
-Any frequency-programmable radio. This year, instead of programming radios beforehand, we’ll just designate frequencies (no programming required).
-Gatorade mix to combat potential dehydration (even in cold weather).
-Baby wipes – these are great to take a “bath”.
-Eye drops/eye cleaning solution (dust).
-Back up CQB weapon/Primary AEG – we strongly encourage this if you can.
-Extra mid-caps/speed loaders.
-Extra bag of ammo.
-Extra batteries beyond the required spare.
-Extra box mag or hi-cap (support weapons ONLY).
-GPS or compass.
-Action cam.

Additional Note
This may look like a lot of gear. You should still be able to carry everything you need in a basic ruck sack or 3 day assault pack. If not, you are probably bringing too much gear.

Remember, half of the fun is pushing yourself for a full 24 hours. So leave some of the creature comforts at home or in your car.