Below is the full itinerary for Revolt 5.0. It refers to specific areas that can be found here.

Friday – June  24

2:00 PM – 8:30 PM Check-in
-If you need to arrive earlier, please stay in the green zone.
1. Set up your camp for the night.
2. Chrono all guns you will be using for the event in the green zone admin area. Gear check including 3 gallons of water.

2:00 PM – 9:00 PM Free play around green zone
-Player-initiated games in the trees surrounding the green zone.
1. Make sure you have gone through checkin first.
2. Don’t overheat.
3. You’ll need a charger/spare batteries so you have enough juice for the actual event.

5:00 PM – 7:30 PM Dinner begins
-In green zone admin area.
-Free to all participants.

9:00 PM – Freeplay suspended

-All players should finish checkin no later than 9:15 pm.
-In the green zone.
-Divide into  squads and assign squad leaders. 5th Column members: assign franchises, then squads.

10:30 PM – All squad leader brief
-In the green zone.
1. Leadership responsibilities.
2. Chain of command.
3. Expectations.
4. Comms protocol.

11:00 PM Get some sleep

Saturday – June 25

5:00 AM – Sniper school begins
-Candidates meet at green zone admin area. Don’t be late.
-“Washouts” and certified snipers must be finished in time to make it to basic training in the main field.
-If you intend to use a DMR-class rifle, YOU HAVE TO PASS THIS COURSE.

8:00 AM – Break camp
-Final gear prep.
-Lock up your car.

8:30 AM – 5th Column moves out
-Coalition and BRG meet at respective rally points.
1. Bring all the gear, food AND WATER you will need for 24 hours.
2. Have proper eye protection on.
3. Second gear check.


9:30 AM – BRG/Coalition move out
1. Bring all the gear, food AND WATER you will need for 24 hours
2. Have proper eye protection on.
3. Second gear check.
4. Move out, prepared to fight.

*If vehicles are disabled before a main camp is established, go back to the green zone to respawn vehicle.

9AM – 11AM – Force on force
– Team leaders focus on squad cohesion and basic tactics training. 5th Column: begin production. Coalition: begin shadow objectives. BRG: think about smoking less.

11AM – 1AM – Village open
– Open bank accounts (team/squad leaders only), money market accounts (USD exchange), make contact with wholesalers, find supplies, grab a bite, resupply med kits, pinpoint people you need to bribe.

Sunday – June 26

1AM – 9AM – Final push
-This is the hardest part of the game.

-The proud remaining that made it through to the end meet up in the village.
-AAR, war stories, sponsorship raffle.