Note: Everyone is required to certify in Assault class before moving on to any other MOS.

As an assault rifleman you are the tip of the sword. You are the primary assault troops and close combat forces. You are the foundation of the infantry organization, and as such are the nucleus of the fire team in the squad.

1. Appropriate gear based on team

2. 350 FPS MAX AEG
-CQB Approved. (No minimum engagement distance.)
-Must use tracer unit, HUTU, or flashlight when firing AEG at night.

1. Run team course
– Obstacle course (5th Column)
– Kill House (BRG & Coalition)

2. Learn squad tactics
– movement and spacing
– fields fields of fire
– Hand Signals
– proper comms protocol

3. Formations
– Wedge
– Diamond
– Line
– File
– Y
– L ambush
– React to an L-ambush
– Buddy Bounding
– Squad Bounding

4. Medic procedure and rules