Note: Everyone is required to certify in Assault class before moving on to any other MOS. Only 2 support gunners allowed per 11 man squad.

Your job is to pin the enemies heads down. Not necessarily to rack up kills. The machine gunner is responsible for the tactical employment of the 7.62 mm medium machine-gun, the 50 cal., and 40mm heavy machine-gun, and their support vehicle. Machine gunners provide direct fire in support of the rifle and LAR squads/platoons/companies and the infantry and LAF: battalions.

1. Appropriate gear and uniform based on team.

2. LMG – style AEG.
– Up to 450 FPS approved for fixed position and day and night operations.
– All fixed position guns will have a flashlight.
– Your flashlight must be on when you fire at night.
– Must be a true support weapon. M60, SAW, RPK, M240, PKM, ect. (no m4s with a box mag.)
– MED for 401-450 FPS 50ft.
– No CQB level SAW’s (sub 350 FPS) approved. You should be able to provide superior firepower AND range for your squad.
– No Surrender rules: use CQB approved weapon.
– Must take a knee or go prone while firing. No “run and gun” with a support weapon.

3. CQB approved weapon

4. Minimum one box mag
– back up high-cap optional
– mounted FLASHLIGHT

5. Recommended additional gear
– lots of ammo.
– good assault pack. congratulations. you are the squad pack mule.
– CQB Rifle. SAW might not be ideal for all situations and a back up weapon is always nice.

1. Suppressing fire
2. Flank protection
3. Assault support
4. set up proper defensive position
5. Understand effective fields of fire