Rules 5.0

Personal Conduct
1. You represent a faction or team. Honor them with integrity. Nobody really cares about your kill/death ratio. They mainly only care that you’re honest.
2. Don’t turn off generators, mask lights, beacons, or cut wires or extension chords. Team bases are meant to be bright and beautiful so you can admire our work…but mostly for safety.
3. Don’t tamper with or move SAM sites.
4. NO SHOOTING UAVs. You will be held financially responsible.

During this event, you agree to:

1. Be mindful of the field and equipment. We admire creativity and resourcefulness but will NOT tolerate destruction of any equipment. So even though you may be tempted to Sam Fisher that tent with a knife to gain entrance, you’ll be booted from the game and asked to pay for the damage done. All of the buildings, tents, barricades and trenches were a result of hundreds of hours of work and thousands of miles in delivery. This was a tough project. Let’s preserve it.
2. Do not use equipment or gear that is not yours. This is an immersive experience; you share living space with your team. This does not give you permission to use what is readily available to you unless it is cleared as a game prop or the person belonging to that item gives you permission. The saying ‘tis better to ask for forgiveness than seek permission’ is false. All game-related assets will be marked or announced.
3. Do not do anything that might ruin the experience for another player. We’ve changed the rules a bit so that you’ll be penalized in-game for Al Caponing a crowd or robbing a bank. Most team objectives are reliant on being able to conduct business in the village–if you want to be “that guy” that makes all villagers hate your team, just know that you were forewarned.
4. No alcohol.
5. No littering. We also ask that you pack all trash out like you’re backpacking. We’re still cleaning up from last year.
6. You are part of a team, be a person of integrity and honesty so that your team’s actions will be above reproach. This sport functions entirely on honesty. No action on the field justifies cheating. It’s only a game, remember that.
7. Always stay with your squad. If you’re planning on lone wolfing this is not the game for you.
8. Have fun!
9. Don’t be a douche. Most people come to this event looking to make some fake money, get thrown in jail and die in epic fashion; they’re not your prototypical kill-counting “winners”. In other words, if you need everyone to know how big your “gun” is, this game might not be for you.

Age Restriction
1. 18 is the minimum age limit.
2. We will allow participants 16 and up on a case by case basis. You need a parent or guardian to physically come in to either Weapon Blender location in advance and sign a waiver. Additionally, you are required to have an adult sponsor who will participate on your team/squad during the event. One participating sponsor per under age participant (no pack of teens + one adult.)  These requirements must be met and approved by WB staff prior to attending. All players should bring government-issued photo ID to verify your age at check-in. Anyone who does not meet the stated criteria will not be allowed to participate.

Spawn Rules
Note the absence of “respawns.” The medic procedure is the only way to get back in the action. Keep in mind DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES. You say nothing of who shot you, the field location you were at, how many fighters are at that location–nothing! Players who are alive don’t talk to the dead. Dead players can only say three things, “HIT,” “MEDIC,” or “NO MEDIC!” All teams and factions use same medic-based system.


Medic Rules
1. Shot player can only call “hit”, “medic” or “no medic”
2. Prominently display kill rag or chem light. Raise your hand or rifle in the air if there is any confusion.
3. Cannot move unless a fellow player simulates a drag.
4. Medic can ONLY medic self with assistance of another live player.

Basic medic kit (provided):
5 x tourniquets
Varying syringe supply
1 x set of hemostats

Medic procedure – The only way to get back in the game
1. Apply hemostats (clamps).
2. Apply tourniquet.
3. Simulate injection/empty syringe fluid. Syringes are now single-use only–however, if you save your spent syringes, you can negotiate a lower price when buying from med traders in the village.
4. Leave tourniquet on (remove only at a resupply vehicle or village red cross station).
*If you are dangerously low on bandages you can share with a friendly squad, buy some at the village, go through Red Cross triage in the village, or request a resupply run.

The medical supply chain has been expanded to require a higher degree of resource management. That means squad medics have finite syringes and tourniquets. As in years past, resourceful villagers now derive income by selling those finite consumables. With currency, you can 1. replenish your syringe supply 2. increase your tourniquet count and 3. add medics by purchasing hemostats. As referenced above, it is advisable that you keep spent syringes; supply is strained and med traders are willing to buy->recycle (theoretically after sanitizing) used syringes.

There will be a small red cross station in the village, where players can recover tourniquets after watching a short video from their platinum-level corporate sponsor, DePhizer Pharmaceutical.

In an attempt to decentralize gameplay, vehicles are now your primary tourniquet resupply points. That means you CANNOT simply return to your team base for tourniquet resupply. As noted above, there is also a small Red Cross tourniquet resupply point in the village that only asks beneficiaries to watch a short video from their platinum-level corporate sponsor, DePhizer Pharmaceutical. You must watch the entire video each time you want to receive a fresh batch of tourniquets. This station is only active while their flag is flying–if conditions become too dangerous (i.e, people are shooting in the village), volunteers will lower the flag and close the station until things are once again safe.


Bleed out after 5 minutes – If no medic can get to you
1. Remove your magazine from your gun.
2. Inform your squad leader you were unwise and now you are now a non combatant.
3. You MAY
– reload mags, rpgs, or specialty weapons
– carry gear
– provide high fives and butt slaps to your bros
4. You MAY NOT
– call out enemy threats
– medic others or drag others
– be a meat shield
– engage enemies or objectives in any way
5. Back in when your entire squad is re-tasked at command. Your squad leader will inform you when that is.
6. As a non-combatant, stay to the back or out of the action as much as possible. IF you start taking fire sit down and indicate you are dead.

Always stay with your squad

Gameplay Rules and Safety
1. NEVER remove eye pro, unless you are in the designated safe zone.
2. Remove mag and clear chamber before entering the safe zone. Keep mag out when exiting the safe zone (no firing in and out of  safe area tents)
3. Do not point your gun at non participants (ALL vehicles are clearly marked).
4. NO arguing.
5. NO fighting.
6. Don’t go out of bounds.
7. No knife kills. (We’re allowing knife kills this year. Rubber training knives only, and no stabbing.)
8. No surrender.
9. All hits count.
10. When in doubt call yourself out.
12. Do not call others’ hits. If you have an issue with a player, note his appearance and send it up the chain of command.
13. Do as the admin says or you will be asked to leave.
14. Be respectful to your fellow players and their gear.
15. No real firearms PERIOD. You will be kicked out.
16. No open flames. You will be kicked out.
17. Don’t litter. You will be kicked out. SERIOUSLY THOUGH, DON’T LITTER. If you have trash, pack it out (we swear it’s possible).
18. Do not destroy game assets or property. You will be kicked out.

Specialty Weapons
1. Thunder B grenades have a 10 foot kill radius regardless if you are hit with bb.
2. Trip line devices (no sound devices) kill the one who tripped the device and anyone within 10 feet.
3. Any vehicle disabling devices must be cleared with game administrator before game day.
4. IEDs have a 10 foot effective radius.
5. Shoulder fired rockets, RPG-7, and anti vehicle (paintball) M203’s must directly hit a vehicle to disable it.
7. **M203 paint shells or other similar (approved) anti-armor projectile devices only. Due to safety concerns, paintball guns are no longer approved as anti-armor weapons.**

2.You must use tracer ammo at night if you are using a tracer unit or HUTU. If you are using a gun mounted light you may use BIOs or tracer ammo.

Magazine Restrictions
1. All players must use MID CAP MAGAZINES. 30, 75, 100, and 150 round mid caps are all approved.
2. NO HIGH CAPS or large box magazines are permitted, unless you are using an approved support weapon.
3. Magazine sharing is permitted between team mates.
4. Proper gear checks will be done throughout the event.

GUN FPS Limits and Rules and MED (Minimum Engagement Distance)

We get that HPA is a big thing these days. That said, chronoing guns serves no purpose if velocities/power can be adjusted afterwards. For that reason, any HPA system must meet the following requirements:
1. Tournament lock that cannot be bypassed, secured with an unalterable metal ziptie or similar device.
1. HPA checkin system will now include a numbered, tamper-proof ziptie through the regulator and a second zip tag with joule reading, then random spot checks/chrono to make sure the two correspond throughout the game.
2. Chrono within your desired class with a .40g BB. That’s 1.15j for assault, 1.88j for support, etc.

Don’t be the sneaky dude that figures out how to break the rules and get HPA banned. EVERYBODY WILL HATE YOU.

Assault Class
350 FPS MAX AEG (~1.15 joules)
-CQB approved. (No minimum engagement distance.)
-This includes green gas pistols, shotguns, submachine guns, AEPs, and AEGs that meet FPS limits.
-Must use tracer unit, HUTU, or flashlight when firing AEG at night, except for gas pistols, AEPs, and shotguns.
-All players are required to bring a CQB weapon (even if hope to be a sniper or support gunner.)

Support Class
Up to 450 FPS (~1.88 joules) approved for fixed position and day and night operations
-All fixed position guns will have a flashlight.
-Your flashlight must be on when you fire at night.
-Must be a support weapon. M60, SAW, RPK, M240, PKM, ect.
-MED for 401-450 FPS 50ft.
-No CQB level SAW’s (sub 350 FPS) approved. You should be able to provide superior firepower AND range for your squad.
-No Surrender rules: use CQB approved weapon.
-Must take a knee or go prone while firing. No “run and gun” with a support weapon.

Sniper Class
420+ FPS Approved for Day Operations and Night Operations
-Bolt action or semi auto only.
-MED for 401-450 FPS 50ft.
-MED for 451-500 FPS 100ft.
-MED for 501-600 FPS 140ft.
-No Surrender rules: see CQB-approved weapon.
-No tracer units or flashlight required.

Vehicle Rules and Safety
1. Stand 5 feet off the road if a vehicle approaches until it passes.
2. No driving–unless you are a designated driver. If driver dies you walk.
3. Never jump in front of a vehicle no matter how slowly it is moving.
4. Stay seated on bed of truck while it is moving – no RAMBO moves.

Vehicle Rules
1. 10 mph speed limit.
2. Vehicle gunners must be attached via lanyard or adequate safety alternative.
3. No one gets out until the vehicle is completely stopped (drivers: you are accountable).
4. Brights on all the time while moving at night.
5. Obey all road signs.
6. No going off designated roads. Ever.

Taking Out Vehicles 
IED Successfully goes off within 20 feet of vehicle.
1. Vehicle shuts off and hazards flash – you may not approach while the engine is still on.
2. Guns on the vehicle are all inoperable.
3. All passengers and drivers are dead.
4. You may not take items off the dead or guns off the vehicle.
5. You may not take the vehicle.
6. After 3 minutes the vehicle returns to the base with hazards on. At base, the driver may re-enter the game (dead players must also return to their base to be retasked by commander).


Hitting a vehicle with anti-armor weapon
1. Locate vehicle.
2. Trigger the vehicle hit zone (see illustration below) with approved weapon system (RPG-7, RPG-26, LAW and paintball M203 shells are currently the only approved weapons), or target the front windshield.
3. On triggering a hit zone, all passengers and driver are dead and alarm will sound. During this time, attacking team may raid vehicle for currency, drugs and med supplies until the alarm turns off. While windshield hits also disable vehicle and kill all passengers, they do not initiate a raid. IF HIT ZONE ALARM SOUNDS BUT NO PAINT IS PRESENT, IT DOESN’T COUNT.
4. Vehicle must turn hazards on.
5. You may not take items off the dead or guns off the vehicle.
6. After 3 minutes or raid, the vehicle returns to the base with hazards on. At base, the driver must wash off all paint prior to re-entering the game (dead players must also return to their base to resupply through normal methods).

Hitting a vehicle with det pack
1. Locate vehicle.
2. Place magnetic det pack on vehicle.
3. Gently touch hit zone. All passengers and driver are dead and alarm will sound. During this time, attacking team may raid vehicle for currency, drugs and med supplies until the alarm turns off. IF HIT ZONE ALARM SOUNDS BUT NO DET PACK IS PRESENT, IT DOESN’T COUNT.
4. Vehicle must turn hazards on.
5. You may not take items off the dead or guns off the vehicle.
6. After 3 minutes or raid, the vehicle returns to the base with hazards on. At base, the driver must wash off all paint prior to re-entering the game (dead players must also return to their base to resupply through normal methods).

-Quantity of hit zones will correlate with vehicle armor level. Heavily armored vehicles (Buffalo, Warmachine) will only have two hit zones. Vehicles without armor will have three or more.
-Desert patrol vehicles (sand rails) will only have two hit zones due to their low profile and exposed passengers.
-Ambiguous windshield borders will be enhanced with gaffer’s tape.
-For safety purposes, players (dead or alive) may not meat shield their vehicle’s hit zone (high volume of paintball fire).
Just to reiterate: paintball guns are no longer approved as anti-armor weapons.


Comms / Radios
ONLY Boa Feng Programmable radios will be used for primary squad to command communication.
– You can still use your Motorolas for intra-squad communication but they will not function with command frequencies.
– We will have a Laptop dedicated to programming the radios with event specific private channels at check in the first day.
– This year, teams will decide on approved frequencies instead of approved channels to avoid confusion. To participate, simply familiarize yourself with your programmable radio’s “frequency mode” (they all have one).

Safe Areas
1. All enclosed tents and trailers are considered “safe.” That means no one is allowed to shoot into or out of (or inside of) those areas.
2. When entering a tent or trailer, you must remove your mag from your primary weapon. You can re-insert your mag only when you are completely outside (toe in the doorway still counts as “inside”).
3. No fighting in or raiding enclosed tents or trailers.
4. Keep your eye protection on inside tents.